Introduction To Invest Diet

Welcome to this site and my diet blog. Over the past 3 months, I’ve been able to take off about 13 lbs approaching dieting from a different perspective. Knowing that a typical diet would never work for me, I decided to create my own diet using techniques that I knew from past experience could help motivate me. The result was an “investment diet”.

The concept was quite simple. Instead of regulating what I could and could not eat, I simply decided to opt for the best “investment” for my body from the choices of food I had available to me at the time. While there was nothing scientific in my approach, I went on information that I had gathered assuming certain foods were better for my body than others.

This resulted in a no stress diet. I didn’t have to worry about the amount of food I ate since under the plan I could eat as much as I wanted. While the volume I ate didn’t decrease, the amount of “junk food” did decrease quite a bit as I opted for foods that were a better investment for my body.

Basically, I decided to look at food not as calories, but as an investment for my body and retirement just as I would with money and retirement. By making the best investments in my body with the available food at the time, I have been able to greatly improve my current health. I started at 213.4 lbs and I’m currently at 200.1 lbs. I’m aiming to take off another 10 lbs to get to a weight of 190 lbs – 10 lbs over my college weight. In doing so, I’ve decided to keep this blog to relate my progress on the last 10 lbs and to explain some of the changes that I made along the way that have helped me.