Metabolism / Salary

Your Metabolism Is Your Base Salary

Your particular metabolism is the same as your base salary. Your metabolism dictates the number of calories that you will burn on an average day. Your salary (metabolism) will likely be different than those around you, so the amount that you get paid (the number of calories you can burn) will also vary from those around you.

That being said, we can generalize for example’s sake that an average female has a typical metabolism (salary) of approximately 2000 calories a day. The average male has a typical metabolism (salary) of approximately 2500 calories a day.

Your metabolism (salary) is a perfect break even point of the amount you are allowed to spend each day to stay on your budget (not gain or lose weight). If you spend less money (expend fewer calories) than your metabolism (salary) allows for a day, then you come in under budget and save money (lose weight). If, on the other hand, you use more money (consume more calories) than your metabolism (salary) allows, you go into debt (add fat/gain weight).