How to Stick to Your Diet When Traveling on a Budget

One of the first things you may notice when switching from processed prepackaged foods to fresher more organic products is that the increase in price is enough to discourage most people from keeping healthy habits going long term. Even the difference in price for non-organic versus organic is very clear. When you are on a diet and trying to be strict with what you eat, it can be really hard to enjoy food anywhere except your own house. There are very few options at most generic places and when there are, they are way more expensive then everything else on the menu or shelves. Finding food while you are out and about in your home town is hard enough, but can you imagine how much more difficult it might be if you were traveling and on vacation. One of my primary stressors on vacation is generally the money I am spending anyway so when you factor in the extra cost of food that will meet the requirements of your diet, it can really add up. Lucky for you, I have had to deal with this dilemma plenty of times and cannot afford to be careless with my money. During my travels I have kept track of some of the best ways to help me stick to my diet when traveling on a budget, keep reading to see my methods are.

Always Pack Your Own Snacks

I feel like this might be good advice no matter where you are headed, even if it is just to the store or a friend’s house. I am the type of person that can get hangry so I have learned to pack a granola bar or some nuts in my bag at all times. This should be doubled, tripled, maybe increased times ten when you are traveling to somewhere that you may not be able to go into a regular grocery store and get whatever it is that you need. Depending on what type of diet you are on, you should bring both packaged and fresh snacks. So, think nuts and carrot sticks, or hummus with crackers, any of these items would probably be great for you.

Do Your Research

Before you go anywhere you should research what your options are so you know what to expect. Chances are you will have to be prepared to adjust your diet a little bit but you may be surprised at what you will find if you do some googling. For example, I had a friend who was traveling to a small village in Thailand and had a diet that restricted her dairy and grains. She knew it would be pretty easy for her since Thai food rarely uses dairy and primarily uses rice, a grain she was allowed to eat. However, she loved ice cream and wanted to see if there were any sorbet places. She ended up reading an obscure blog that led her to a hole in the wall restaurant where they made the most delicious vegan ice cream out of coconut milk and cashews for next to nothing.

Book a Room You Can Cook In

My final tip is to book a room that has at least a little hot plate and refrigerator so that you can do a little bit of cooking on your own. Somewhere like a Motel 6 with a small kitchenette would work great. This will save you money and also help if your only options are raw foods and vegetables from the local market.

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